What support does DotLook provide?
The answer is simple: we are here for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Effective communication and support is what makes us different.

Facts: We are very proud to say our 2006 year clients estimated an average maintenance and support satisfaction as high as 92%.

What experience do you have?

You can judge about our experience from our Portfolio, but projects listed there show only a small part of over 100 projects we completed, non-disclosure statements do not allow placing most of them in portfolio section. However, we can provide you with links on request. It is always better to contact us directly and our experts will discuss possibility of using specific adoptive technologies in each narrow area and advise the best solution. Statistics:

Facts: Our active projects source code daily back-up varies between 5 to 10MB. We write in average

350,000 lines of code per month, and our 2006 year project archive was burned to 52 CDs.



 Presents a new product in 2007

"e-real estate web site"




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