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Solid for furniture and interior solutions is a trading company start his career in 2010 as B to B specialize in the flooring material solutions for commercial and residential spaces.
Solid offer ever - more innovative solutions with reliability and quality.

Solid focus in a strong and latest brands that can bring all the needful harmony and positive energy in our daily life , the solutions that Solid supply meet the demands of any setting from commercial and residential spaces.
The custom duties for most of materials is not applicable cause the Euro one certificate that support our brands to be a very strong and can compete with the local materials price and of course Solid can meet the high technical specifications with a unique application and high end quality in every different types of surface with a very reasonable competitive prices.

Solid is specialize in the following material solutions:

1- Porcelain tiles. 

2- Mosaic decor. 

3- Engineered wood.

4- HPL. 

5- Raised Floor. 

6- Carpet Tiles.

7- facade cladding. 


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